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Stuart Dunn

Stuart was born in Newcastle 1977. He studied at the Northern Media School and gained a Masters Degree in cinematography. Upon his completion, Stuart embarked on his first filming expedition with fellow student and friend Pandula. On a shoestring budget and completely unpaid, they travelled to the Tamil Tiger controlled regions of Northern Sri Lanka in an attempt to tell the story of the civil war that had raged for over 20 years and give a voice to the 500 thousand refugees displaced by the conflict, a baptism by fire to say the least.

Since then Stuart has gained an abundance of credits in a variety of publications and TV programmes. He now divides his time between the world of photography and cinematography, filming and photographing documentary assignments across the globe in inhospitable environments such as the Amazon jungle, the Arctic and the Himalayas. Stuart has filmed and photographed documentaries and expeditions with the likes of TV

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