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Trevor Neal

Trevor Neal

Born in 1947 York, self taught. Work in Public and Private collections in UK, USA, France, Germany and Israel. Commissioned work in USA, UK Italy and Germany

The work of Trevor Neal can be loosely divided into four groups

Personal Work - Often drawing on the antique, showing architecture, ancient interiors, exotic furniture and cars, that at times can appear contradictory.
Unusual buildings that may be built in highly improbable locations are current preoccupation.

The Naked Human Form - In an ever widening variety of media and substrate combinations.
Many of the treatments on the substrates imply an ageing that is contradictory to the well toned bodies of the contemporary sitters.

Commissioned Work - Whilst most of my collaborations have been in the field of interpretive portraiture. I have often been asked to put my imagination to work on such diverse subjects as family groups, cars, boats, album sleeves for rock bands to brass bands, bathrooms, interiors and exteriors.

Landscapes - Throughout history, travel has always inspired painters, I am no exception. Early morning light is for me the most interesting, whether at home or abroad, I seem to be more receptive to the unfamiliar.

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