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Pandora's Box

Product Code: Kerry Darlington
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Price: 1,350.00


Released on 25th November 2013

Unique Limited Edition of 195

Mixed media in high gloss resin finish. Framed in a handmade, white gloss Frinton frame.

Each Unique Edition is embellished with 3D pieces and finished with red, gold and silver leaf

Image size: 20" x 48"

Framed size: 26" x 54"

'In Classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the deities on the instructions of Zeus.
Each of the deities helped create her by giving her unique gifts.
Pandora was given a large jar and instructed by Zeus to keep it closed. However she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and so ultimately opened it.
When she removed the lid, all of the evils, ills and diseases, that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar, but it is said, that at the very bottom of her jar, there lay hope.'

For further information on this & other Kerry Darlington originals please call 0114 235 2429



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